Getting Healthy


So you have finally decided now is the time to make the changes, whatever your motivation has been whether its family, health, quality of life, or just because you want to live longer you must understand this…


The first step, and this is way before you enter a gym or go for a jog is to admit to yourself how important it is for you to change the habits and routine that have become your reality and commit to doing something about it, if you are ready to do this, then you are already winning.


It’s commendable to say the least, and just so you get the best possible start check out some of our pointers below…


Slow and steady wins the race- Lots of people (including myself) feel the need to hit something 100mph every time, its almost like its all or nothing, and although this works sometimes, it can also be too much of a change and the minute the momentum slows or you don’t see some results we revert back to our old ways but often much worse than before, its almost like a relapse.


Try not to take on too much, instil smaller changes that are sustainable over longer periods of time, which will prevent you feeling under so much pressure to pull in incredible results from day one.


Remember if you are doing more than you did yesterday to get you to your goals then you are on the right path, it didn’t take you a week to get into the shape you are in so don’t expect miracles.


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Set some goals. Extremely important in all walks of life, especially health and fitness as it’s a perfect way to track that you are progressing. What we don’t know we can’t measure so take some pictures, do some measurements. Don’t bother weighing yourself as it’s not always a fair representation of how you are doing and can often become an obsession. Once a month is ok for your other checks.


Set and end goal, and then set smaller checkpoints along the way, be realistic.


Fitness first. Focusing on fitness is an excellent way of ensuring you see some real quick benefits, getting fit can happen pretty quick if you’re prepared to try hard and in doing so you will automatically give yourself more energy and drive. This can be accomplished by walking, vary the pace but keep pushing as much as you can, add some resistance like carrying a heavy bag or something, Short sharp intervals are the best way to improve fitness quickly, and can often be a good place to start as you only need to perform intervals for around 20mins to see some benefits.


Slowly start to filter out the processed foods and swap them for fresh whole foods, your body will thank you for it. Don’t ditch it all on day one, and allow yourself some of the things you enjoy, this will keep you positive and on track. Remember that will-power is like a muscle also, the more you train it, the better you become at it, bearing in mind sugar is unbelievably addictive its acceptable that we crave the things we should avoiding, and sometimes in moderation if having a square of chocolate will keep you on the plan for longer then its for the greater good.


Don’t put yourself up against others. The only person you are in competition with is yourself, so only focus on your results.


When you are ready to start a workout routine, get help from an expert. Treat your body like a Ferrari, after all you wouldn’t attempt to service that yourself would you?


The human body is the most complicated yet magnificent thing on the planet, so treat it like so and get some well-informed help. You deserve it.


Momentum is all you need and then its onwards and upwards. Don’t ever think it can’t be done or it’s too late, I really don’t want to have to get my before and after’s out again.


Good Luck, Onwards and Upwards


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