If you can be honest with yourself, the reasons could actually be the answer to achieving the ULTIMATE in results.

Typically in my job as a PT I hear answers like

• I want to tone up
• I’m happy with most of it but I want to lose some belly fat
• I just want to drop a few pounds
• I’m a few dress sizes bigger than I need to be, if I dropped one that would be great
• I want to feel fitter

Does that sound familiar?

The reasons you will initially come up with, the ones you would say out load and be comfortable sharing in front of your friends and family are guaranteed to be a much lighter/less painful version of the truth.

You need to dig much deeper than that and give yourself some serious validation on WHY it’s imperative that you transform your life.
Give yourself a real reason.

If it doesn’t hurt to talk about it, and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable even thinking about it then you’re not there yet.

• I’m worried about my health; the implications of carrying extra tummy fat could make my life shorter.
• I don’t have the energy to play with my children and so I’m missing out on time I just can’t get back.
• I don’t feel comfortable naked in front of my partner so I avoid it like the plague. This is putting extra pressure on our relationship, as our intimate time just isn’t the same.
• I avoid situations where I have to wear revealing clothing, like swimming and holidays with friends, I’m seriously missing out.
• Every time I have an occasion to get dressed up, I have a sinking feeling in my stomach, all my clothes feel tight, I can’t dress, as I’d like too. I feel self-conscious every single time.

When you have come up with answers like above, I’d say you are ready to get started.

Write it down somewhere that you can see it everyday.

On your phone screen is a great idea.

This process isn’t designed to totally deflate you; it’s a process our online clients go through to ensure they smash their goals even when times are tough.

It can be painful, but also quite liberating.

Remember nothing spectacular ever came from anything easy.

Are you ready to achieve the ultimate results in body transformation?

In the next post we will cover goals, and how to ensure you absolutely smash them.

Have a great day