part 2


In part 1 we discussed Why?

I would say, I hope it wasn’t too painful, but if you read what I wrote thoroughly you would understand that it was a necessity and the deeper you went the better your results will be.

Today we need to focus on goals, simply broken down as When?

Setting goals with timeframes just make them even more real, writing them down along with everything else is so important.

Sharing them with others is seriously effective; this is what we do with our clients. It’s often easy to share intimate things with complete strangers especially if they are on a similar journey.

You should write down some Short, Medium and Long Term goals, you can have several things for each, it doesn’t just need to be about body shape, it could be another achievement, like a physical activity you have always wanted to do.

Obviously, your Long Term is your desired result, and we need to set a realistic time frame on when you should achieve this by.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, as it’s a recipe for failure but make sure you are making steady progress.

The quicker you achieve, the better your life will be, so don’t waste any time.

If your goal was fat loss as an example it is quite comfortable to strip at least 2LBS a week from your body, without sticking to a ridiculously strict diet.

Use this as a guide in your plan.

You Medium and Short term goals should be in conjunction with your time frame, so if Long Term is to lose 3 Stone, then Medium should be 25Lbs and Short Term 15LBS. (Sorry if this sounds obvious but I just want to be clear)

This is so important not only will it definitely get you the Result that you want but it will actively encourage you along the journey.

Ticking off your goals one after the other is huge for your mental state, transformations are only tough until you start to see Epic Results and then it becomes addictive.

Keep tracking, this way you will know early on if your diet or training needs adjusting, you won’t have wasted months eating the same calories only to be eating too many.

Every 3 weeks for pictures, every 2 weeks for measurements and only ever get on the scales when you feel it’s a must. They never give a true reflection of what is going on with your body anyway.

I’d probably bin them actually.

Save yourself.

Get it done then; we can talk about it in our next post where I will be sharing some golden info on why most people Fail.

Its BIG.

Later Ladies!