Losing Excessive Fat


We typically work with a few types of clients at TBT Fitness, from the total beginner, who’s main aim is to become more active, get fit and become healthier, and then there is the clients that have perhaps been training for a little while and had some good results but really want to shred those last few pounds so they can achieve that ultimate physique they have been longing for,


Even if you’re a total newbie in my experience it is more that likely that at some point as you progress stripping the really stubborn parts such as hip, thighs and arm fat will become important to you.


Stubborn Fat


As we know the most important thing to shift body fat is to be burning more energy than what you are consuming, this goes without saying, it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are trying, low carb, high fat, or some other well advertised fad the only way it will work is by being in a calorie deficit.


Many people will do extremely well following a progressive regular workout routine and eating the right foods etc, but sometimes we need to consider other factors if we are not getting the results we are looking for.


There have been many studies over the years offering different solutions to the stubborn body fat problem but then it seems years later as research develops more often these theories get blown out of the water.


A few things we know for certain will help.


More Sleep


We only truly recover when we are sleeping, and ideally we need around 8 hours per night, especially if you are training hard and working. Not enough sleep could increase your cortisol hormones and in doing so force your body to hang on to body fat as protection.


Assist your metabolism


Contrary to popular belief, your metabolism is always running, so there is no need to eat first thing, and every few hours however you can assist it with certain foods and drinks such as Chili, and Caffeine.


Avoid Alcohol


The massive sugar/carb content in alcohol is quick releasing and a total waste of calories. Cut it our completely.


Stop Dieting


The less body fat we have the more our bodies cling onto it, so by not eating enough, and putting your body under the extra stress you could be hindering your results.


Cycle the way you eat


Following the same rule of being in a calories deficit, you should still mix up what kind of plan you are following, swap low carb for high fat, or high protein. Mixing it up won’t allow your body to get used to it and become accustomed to it.


Consistency is key


Keep trying, remember stubborn body fat will be the very last to leave, so if its all you have left then it makes sense that its going to hang around a bit longer, as it has been there the longest.


Before you try all the latest tablets and potions you see advertised promising you the world ensure you have incorporated the above….


Good Luck.

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