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TBT Women’s Fitness and Nutrition is based in Altrincham and was founded because for a long time Personal Training has been reserved for only the select few, in short it can be too costly for some, and with so many under qualified Personal Trainers around it can be like paying a premium for an uncertain result.


We combine a personal touch and a detailed understanding of your individual requirements and pave the way for you to achieve whatever result you want, fully guided, fully supported.


Our company mantra is “treadmills get you nowhere” and breaking that down we believe that everyone out there should be looking to lift some weights within their exercise routine, and develop a strong mindset.


Lifting weights safely with a huge emphasis on technique will slow the aging process, make for stronger bones and ligaments, burn stubborn body fat and tone up everything. (literally everything)


****You will not look bulky****


We offer a huge variety to keep you interested and we share information throughout so your knowledge becomes extensive of what we do and why we do it.


You can’t out train a bad diet so we work closely with you to design a nutrition plan that is sustainable. We firmly believe that slow and steady is the way to win the race and we totally recommend avoiding a diet, instead we guide you to make better choices and smaller changes.


If you are struggling to find the motivation, or not seeing the results you are longing for, get in touch.


We are not like anything you will have tried before.


P.S If you are willing to follow a plan, and put 100% effort in, we will even guarantee your results. We are that confident.



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