Toning Up


The infamous “I Just Want To Tone Up” and why it important to understand that actually you just need to build some muscle and strip some body fat.


Toning up is a common phrase in the gym, especially amongst women, but it really isn’t a fair representation of what your body actually needs. You can’t actually tone up your fat, you can either lose it, or not.


Building muscle is important if you are aspiring to own that toned look however and that isn’t as easy as slinging around a few weights. It’s actually quite a complex process with lots of different variables.


Not looking to go into it too scientifically, here are some useful things you should think about when this is your main goal.


Stripping back on some body fat will automatically make you feel firmer, as there is already some muscle there, you can achieve this by focusing on your nutrition.


As we know, to lose body fat you need to burn more energy than what you consume, exercise will help you do this, and so will cutting back on your calories.


If you are fairly new to weights, try and focus on full body workouts, imagine the main goal is to use as much energy as possible so by incorporating big full body movements you are already on the right path,


Weight training is not always about wearing a tight vest and laying on a bench with some dumbbells above your head, you can quite simply add a weight to most functional movements you encounter on a daily basis, things like standing up of a low box, or stepping up onto a high box will become much more efficient if you add some extra resistance.


It also replicates real life-which is perfect.


The 3 mains lifts you should always focus on are Barbell Squats, Dead Lift and some kind of Press variation. These will target the whole body and when performed with limited rest periods, and with high volume you can certainly expect to burn lots of calories.



There are of course more complex ways of stripping the fat in quick time, and different kinds of food that will further increase your chances of success but by slowing it down, and implementing a consistent and sustainable routine into your life you will achieve much better results long term.


Lift Weights = Feel better naked.