There are a number of milestones in the average man’s life which will stick with him forever:  his first girlfriend, the day he got married, the day he became a father … the day he looked in the mirror and found out he had man boobs.

The realisation that you are no longer 19 years old with a toned chest and flat stomach may have come as a bit of a shock, and this isn’t helped by the comical way society views man boobs. But what the hell causes man boobs, and are you now stuck with them?


Why do we get man boobs anyway?


There are 2 types of man boobs. The first is called gynecomastia, and it affects most men to some degree in their life, mainly during puberty. Hormonal imbalances cause tissue growth in one or both sides the chest, particularly around the nipples. This usually goes away on its own but severe cases may need medication or surgery to remove. NOTE: This is rarely necessary, and you will almost definitely fall into the following category:

Like most men, you can probably put your man boobs down to one simple thing—being a bit overweight. After the age of 30, your testosterone levels will have started decreasing by about 1% a year. This makes you more prone to putting on fat at the same time as losing muscle mass. Add this to the fact that your skin is not as strong and elastic as it once was, and you can see why man boobs result. But don’t think that man boobs are just another unfortunate consequence of getting older—like wrinkles or nose hair.





The good news is that man boobs can be blasted with a properly targeted Muscle-building and nutritional programme—and that’s exactly what we developed for our members.  TBT Head Trainer, Beau Williams, commented:


“The training sessions we deliver to our male over-35s groups are specifically designed to address man boobs and, yes, the dreaded beer belly too. From the exercises themselves to the equipment, the intensity and the rest periods, everything is put in place to work on these problem areas.”


He also warned that there are no shortcuts to success:


“We don’t offer any miracle cures for man boobs, our cure requires a bit of effort and structure. We do, though, deliver the perfect training sessions, support and advice needed to get rid of them.”


For those looking to go it alone, we also have a few words of wisdom in the form of some basic principles to follow:


Diet and lifestyle principles for reducing moobs


  • Eat foods proven to support your testosterone levels e.g. broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and foods high in Zinc.
  • Eat the right calories for your particular metabolism (for accuracy we help our members figure out their metabolic rate).
  • Get the nutrients needed to support your body, lifestyle and activity level (again, we support our members with nutrition programmes).
  • Testosterone, which helps keep you slimmer and healthier, is mainly secreted while you sleep, so get your 7 to 9 hours each night.


Exercise principles for reducing moobs


  • Use interval training techniques at high intensity for your cardiovascular and weights workouts.
  • Use compound movements for weight training i.e. These exercises, using large muscle groups use more calories and stimulate testosterone production most effectively.
  • Use weights to increase lean muscle tissue and metabolic rate to maximise weight loss.
  • Try group training to help push you harder.
  • Exercise in the morning, whenever possible. This will help with weight loss, and energises your body and mind for the day.